Point44.it is a small company in Rome, Italy, which has been working in the field of computer networks and software development since 1995. Point44.it supplies complete network solutions for small home networks or small-to-medium sized businesses. From a simple assistence to the complete projectation, installation and configuration of your network.

Most of our products and solutions are based on the Linux operating systems (mainly Slackware, but where need arises we have a wide experience with several other distributions), with the strong use of OpenSource software. Of course any network solution provided by us forsees the integration of already existing infrastructures, including other operating systems such as Windows and other Unices, in which we have a wide range of experiences.
For complete solutions Point44.IT has developped from the ground up its own Linux distribution, TonXu®, which is a lightweight Linux variant, with special attention to security and flexibility.

Our force lies in the excellent assistence we offer to all our customers.

Network installations/configurations Client/Server configurations
ADSL/HDSL/Firewall/Router configuration Low cost software VoIP/PBX/IVR solutions
Mail/AntiVirus/AntiSpam/Http/Proxy/DNS Configuration Security audits
Domain Hosting WEB/Mail/DataBase Hosting
Dedicated Server RackSpace Virtual Server hosting on Shared Space
WEB/Site Design Software Development
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 FIGARO  Complete Telephony package
 SecuCAM  Perimeter Security Solution
 VerherIPTC®  Professional JPG IPTC Manipulation

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